Mindfulness is the underlying theme that flows throughout the XFNC.

In today’s instant gratification world with everyone constantly plugged in while walking, driving, shopping, talking…barely looking up long enough to acknowledge their fellow humans, never mind taking the time to look around, breathe deeply of life and simply smell the roses – Mindfulness is a concept that is on the endangered list!

Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.”

Beautiful – wish you were here!

Mindfulness, as it relates to nutrition, is taking the time to make intelligent nutrition choices and be in the present moment while eating.

Most of us eat mindlessly!

How many times have you looked down at your plate, or plastic container, and wondered, “What the hell happened to my meal?”

Were you texting while eating?  Talking on the phone during your meal? (Rude, by the way!) Playing an on-line game or surfing the internet while mindlessly gobbling down each bite?

Or did you just have too much on your figurative plate, stressed about your job, boss, bills, spouse, significant other, children…and suddenly the meal is gone before you even knew you were swallowing.

What do you do then?  Do you go back for seconds, which seem to disappear as quickly if not more so than the firsts?

Eating is not a race. SLOOOOOOW DOWN!

Turn off the outside world and the internal chaos.

Pour a full glass of water.

Take a few deep breaths before beginning your meal.

Calm your mind.

Be the spoon!

Take your time to think about your food choice – what you have decided to eat as a nutritious meal to fuel your body.

Think about each bite as you chew more slowly and thoroughly.

Notice the sensations of smell and taste – savor each bite.

Take sips of water between bites.  Drink the full glass of water during your meal.

You do NOT have to clean your plate of every morsel – you have my permission to stop when you are 75% full!

Do NOT go back for seconds!

This mindful practice is better for your digestion and health.  You should feel fuller, faster and enjoy your food more.

Mindfulness in relation to nutrition is the key – be mindful of what you ingest, every meal, every drink, every snack, every bite, every day.