I would exercise but I just don’t have enough space in my home to do it.

This is a common excuse for not beginning an exercise program. I hear it all the time. How much area do you think you need to exercise?

How about you run in place?  The name of this exercise alone denotes no extra space is needed.

There are all sorts of bodyweight exercises, routines that require no additional equipment, that you can do with limited space.

But I just don’t have enough time to exercise?

You have the same amount of time in your day as everyone else on the planet. Some choose to allocate a portion of their day to exercise and some don’t. It is a choice – your choice.

What are you doing right now? Get off your butt and run in place. Do some jumping jacks. OK, now do 25 bodyweight squats – with proper form. Follow that up with some push-ups, lunges…

My point being that you can allocate some small portion of time in your busy schedule to do something – anything to get your heart rate up and add in a little resistance work, even if you use your bodyweight for the resistance.

Well, I would exercise, but I don’t have the equipment I need.

What equipment do you need to go for a walk or run in your neighborhood? What, you live in a high rise? Go walk the stairs a few flights up and down.

This is one of those all-or-nothing excuses that makes absolutely no sense to me. I want to begin an exercise program, I want to lift weights, I don’t have any weights, therefore I can’t exercise – at all. How does that make any sense?

Even if I had the equipment, I don’t have the space in my home for it.

C’mon, you’re killin’ me! Back to the not enough space excuse.

What you need is a waaaambulance to come take your lazy butt away. It’s going to happen eventually as your arteries gradually clog from all that inactivity.

Take your awesome ability to make excuses and re-focus that energy into doing something more productive with your time to improve your health.

You don’t need a gym full of exercise equipment to exercise. You can begin today without any equipment whatsoever.

Once you get going you can add a few pieces of equipment at a time to keep you moving.

Exercise Bands are great for doing many resistance routines.shutterstock_111905828

A stability ball is a good addition for, you guessed it, stability routines.

Add a couple of dumbbells and a medicine ball or two and you have more than enough equipment to work out.


If you really want a gym full of equipment then maybe you should join a gym! Joining a gym won’t get you in shape though, unless you actually go there and workout on a consistent schedule.

Hire a personal trainer if you need the motivation and accountability.

I agree it’s nice to have a space in your home devoted to exercise where you can go workout, without the distraction of your TV or phone.

Do you have a garage or basement you can carve a small section out for an exercise mat and a few pieces of equipment?

How about a guest bedroom? How often do you have a guest?

Let’s assume you have a guest 6 times a year and that person stays for 4 days each visit.  That leaves 341 days each year you have an empty room with an empty bed collecting dust waiting for your next guest.

You are not running a hotel and if you were you would be out of business due to lack of occupancy.

I say get rid of the spare bed and convert that room to a dedicated exercise space!  That’s what I did.

We converted the smallest bedroom in our home to a dedicated exercise room. 

For the few times a year we have extra guests, we have an air mattress and mattress topper stored away.  Quick and easy to set up a comfortable guest bed when needed and then store it away again.

A look at my exercise room.Exercise Room

You can purchase a simple exercise mat or yoga mat, or you can put down exercise flooring to cover a larger workout area. It’s available in 24” interlocking squares so you can decide how much area you want covered. I recommend minimum 1/2″ thick flooring as in my experience it holds up better and lasts longer.

A pull up bar that can be taken in and out of the door frame is a great tool. I don’t actually do any real pull-ups. I use the bar to throw my exercise bands over and do all my “pull-up” exercises with the bands.

Exercise bands are awesome. As stated I use them mainly for pull-ups, however you can also do rows, curls, presses…all with bands.  Plus you can throw a band in your luggage when you travel so you don’t miss a workout on the road.

One stability ball is a good investment. Performing certain exercises on the stability ball ramps up the workout to your core muscles.

Exercise EquipmentAdding one medicine ball to your arsenal will allow you to add med ball exercises for core and add weight during cardio and leg routines.  Two med balls is better as you can also do plank and push-up exercises on them.

I also have a set of Tony Horton Power Stands for increased range during push-ups with less wrist strain. They are a better design than the typical push up stands that can topple over during push-ups.

For more space in my exercise room I removed the doors on my closet so I could put my dumbbell rack out of the way. I like my old fashioned dumbbells for most of my resistance routines.

You can buy the interchangeable weight dumbbells if you prefer which will require much less space to store.

As you can see we also have a Sole elliptical machine. I have owned a treadmill in the past and determined that when I used to run, I preferred to run outside.  I also owned a recumbent cycle machine for a while but could not get in the habit of using it consistently. For me, exercise machines don’t motivate me to work out. I’m just old fashioned that way I guess.

The elliptical is a great option though for a more complete cardio workout as your arms and legs are involved keeping it more interesting as well.

Ellipticals are standard equipment in rehab and physical therapy facilities. I purchased this one for that reason after my partner had heart surgery. She discovered she liked the elliptical during her rehab and she uses this Sole E-25 as part of her exercise routine.

So you need to stop making excuses and start exercising.

Watch for a future post – 12 bodyweight exercises you can do at home in front of your TV.

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