Which direction should you go? 

It is never too late to change your path in life!

I’m not thirty-something, with a single digit body fat percentage, whose fitness is a given, telling you that you can do it. I am you! Well, not literally you.

I am an aging baby boomer who once thought I could stay at the party forever!

Old me was out of shape, did not exercise consistently, and drank way too much beer.

Old me was most of my life.

New me has goals including five to six days of exercise every week and being mindful of what I eat.

New me is going on six years no beer – one of the the best decisions I have ever made.

New me has also become obsessed with functional fitness, learning all I can about exercise and nutrition with a desire to encourage others to change their path.

I created The XFNC with this goal in mind. In the beginning my intention was to write regular posts with inspirational fitness and nutrition advice.

So why has it been so long since my last post?

Information overload. There is so much information out there on fitness and nutrition.  If you search any exercise, fitness or nutrition topic you will get a plethora of results to sift through. While much of it is good, some of it is bad, and some of it is dangerous.

I’m not sure I have anything new to add to the conversation. However, as an aging boomer, I can tell you from experience that it is never too late to change.

What were once vices are now habits. – Doobie Brothers

If I can change, so can you!

If you are thinking about changing your path, be it exercise more, eat less or eat better, but you think you can’t, or you’ve tried before and failed – you are not alone! In fact you are in the majority!

The biggest problem most of us face is not the desire to change but the ability to stick with change.  Everyone begins a “diet” or exercise program, or joins a gym, or hires a fitness trainer or dietician, with the goal of improving their health. Too often for most of us this lofty goal is only temporary as we slip back to our old habits.

Keep doing what you always did and you’ll keep getting what you always got!

Instead of temporary change you must instead have the mindset of lifestyle change. This is one of the reasons I don’t like the word “diet” as it implies temporary to most people.

A lifestyle change is not temporary. Proper nutrition and regular exercise is the goal. Once you choose this path you must strive to stay on it – don’t venture off the path.

You will occasionally step a foot off the path here and there. Minor setbacks are normal. This is life and it sometimes gets in the way of our goals.

Don’t let a temporary setback become a permanent failure.

If you miss an exercise day, or an entire exercise week, pick up where you left off as soon as possible. If you eat too much one meal or slip back into eating a food you eliminated, don’t get so discouraged that you consider yourself a failure and fall back into all your bad habits. It is only a temporary setback. Get back on the path to health.

Life is fleeting – anything can be temporary, good habits or bad habits.  It is up to you to strive to reduce or eliminate temporary bad habits and replace them with permanent good habits.

Think long term – how do you envision your life in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s…will you even make it that long at your current lifestyle?

Nothing in life is guaranteed. We are temporary. So it is not about longevity as much as it is about quality of life as you age!

Obesity, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, cancers… all sorts of health issues can be caused by poor nutrition and lack of physical exercise. Think about your potential quality of life as you get older. Do you want to be active, able to take hikes, play with your grandchildren, go up and down stairs, get out of bed or off a toilet with ease, or do you want to be subjugated to the floaty chairs, fat, lethargic, out of breath, on lots of medication, waiting to die?

One day I’ll stop eating ______, (Whatever it is you overindulge in that you know is bad for you)

One day I’ll cut down on drinking ________, (Soda, diet soda, beer, wine, alcohol…)

One day I’ll start exercising regularly.

My one day came and went too many times to count until I finally answered my wake up call.

Change is difficult. It takes desire, dedication and a conscious effort to choose the best path for you and stay on it.

This may include leaving a stressful job, ending a bad relationship, getting more sleep, improving your nutrition, drinking more water, increasing your exercise – whatever you need to change in your life to be a healthier, happier you.

I have this one last question for you. If not today, when?

Choose your direction wisely.