Fitness is NOT a number on the scale.

Fitness is NOT defined by six-pack-abs or the size of your biceps.

Fitness is NOT how many push-ups, pull-ups or sit-ups you can complete in 60 seconds.

Total body Fitness is more than that – it is the whole freakin’ package:

Fitness is improved cardiovascular health – as you have progressed through your daily exercise routines following the XFNC program, you will have noticed that you can breathe easier and not get out of breath as quickly or dramatically.

Fitness is improved core strength and stability making you more functional and better balanced in daily life.

Fitness is FAT loss – NOT weight loss.

You notice it in the mirror and by how your clothes fit.  You hear it from friends and loved ones when they comment on how much better you look.

Most importantly – You Feel Better! More energetic and just plain healthier – mentally and physically, from head to toe.

You have to make the decision today at the fork of the road into your future by walking down the path that leads to fitness – daily exercise, daily good nutrition habits, doing your best to identify the stress in your life and then doing something to reduce or eliminate it and getting your daily adequate rest.

There will be obstacles along the path.  You may experience opposing influence from others. And some setbacks are expected – but YOU can do this and ONLY YOU can do this!

OR you can keep doing what you always did and you’ll keep getting what you always got!

Fitness does not come in a pill, a restrictive “diet”, a device or a six minute workout.

You have to want it.

You have to work for it.





Fitness is the REWARD – it is the prize at the end of the path you traversed combining daily exercise, daily good nutrition choices, adequate rest and mental well-being.



You have to make choices today, and every day, that your future self will thank you for.

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